About Us

PT SATA Tembakau Indonesia

Over 6.7 million tons of tobacco are produced annually around the globe. The nation of indonesia is one of the largest producer of tobacco in the world, producing nearly 200,000 metric tons of high-quality tobacco each year. Tobacco leaves serve as the main ingredient in cigarettes around the world, with various grades, flavors and blends cured and processed to provide the signature profile and taste associated with each unique brand. Indonesia alone produces nearly 350 billion cigarettes annually in support of the over 64 million adult smokers within the nation.

The island of Batam, Indonesia is located strategically near to neighboring Singapore and Malaysia and has been designated as a Free Trade Zone by the Indonesian national government. The location and tax-friendly status of Batam have positioned the island as an ideal place for the establishment of cigarette factories. Most Batam cigarette factories import their tobacco from abroad in order to support their large-scale operations.

We opened PT SATA Tembakau Indonesia on the island of Batam in 2016 in order to become a strategic support to the many regional cigarette factories, trading, importing, and supplying high quality Indonesia, China, and other origin-sourced tobaccos for their wide range of products. Our convenient location in Batam allows us to meet with factory owners face-to-face, build strong partnerships and serve as a key supplier helping to aid in the greater success of their operations.

In 2019, we expanded our company to Surabaya with the intention of serving more cigarette factories in Central and Eastern Java. With our sales office and warehouse established in Surabaya and Bojonegoro, we intend to serve both large and small-scale cigarette factories located throughout the island.

Where We Are

Our humble beginning has evolved into something we can look up to for more and more exiting endeavours ini near future. As we strongly feels the impact of a good partnership in our business developments, it would be our aim to be a partner that our current and potential customers can rely upon.

Our Values

Safety & Wellness

We believe all work-related injuries are preventable. We encourage all members
of our company to practise injury-free habits at work and even at home.

Customer Focus

We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers because we
belive that customers’ business must be earned every day.

Open Innovation

We leverage the vast and comprehensive network of supply sources all over the
world and use it together with our market insights and expertise to grow a
competitive advantage over others. Our team is always asking “why” and “how
about this” relentlessly in every aspect of our business.


We create an inclusive global culture in our working environment. We always seek out multiple points of view in conversations, we believe every opinion matters.


We believe in not just ensuring the safety of our planet for today but also for our
future generations. We do our business responsibly by meeting or exceeding legal


We conduct our business safely, ethically and with integrity.