Strength & Practices

How We Do it

Community and Sustainability

SATA Tembakau Indonesia is committed to equipping farmers with the important skills and tools that they need to cultivate tobacco in a long-term, sustainable manner. We realize that sustainable agricultural practices, resource management and environmental stewardship play an important role in conservation, increased yields and in turn, greater economic growth and prosperity for both farmers and their surrounding communities.

We are dedicated to our important relationships with partnering farmers and communities. SATA Tembakau Indonesia provides loans and financing provisions to equip and support our trusted partners in further bolstering the success of their integral cultivation and curing efforts.

Product Integrity and Traceability

Every bale of green leaf tobacco handled and supplied by SATA Tembakau Indonesia is sourced with integrity and easily traceable to its point of origin.

Complying with industry standards, we equip each contracted farmer with a unique identification number that is logged into our integrated database, detailing farmer information, date of purchase, as well as data regarding product quality and purchase price.

This unique identification number is marked on each bale of green leaf tobacco grown and supplied by our partnering farmers, enabling an easily traceable product that can be sold and traded with the utmost integrity.

Competitive Pricing

We understand the needs of our customers, not only for access to high quality products, but also for affordable pricing.

We aim to provide those operating within the important global cigarette manufacturing sector with cost-effective solutions that meet their needs and help them to better achieve their business goals.

Our industry experience and strong partnerships with both producers and suppliers internationally position us to serve you well.


With our headquarters located within the densely populated East Java region as well as a storage hub located strategically on the island of Batam, SATA Tembakau Indonesia has both the presence and reach to serve you well.

We deeply value face-to-face meetings, realizing that a strong relationship, built on trust, is the firm foundation that successful business cooperation is built upon.

Our convenient proximity, relevant licensing and focus on relationship truly set us apart from the rest in this competitive industry.

Seamless Logistics

Our professional team, relevant licensing and strong international partnerships enable us to quickly and efficiently meet any and all of your tobacco supply needs, from door to door.

We handle the hassle associated with sourcing, importation and logistics, so that you are able to focus exclusively on achieving your own important business goals and objectives. PT SATA Tembakau Indonesia is the right strategic partner to help your business navigate this competitive global industry.

Work Flow

Our work flows are divided into two main streams, the local and global respectively. Though the big idea is almost the same, we cater to the different needs of our customer according to challenges they have in getting what they need to where they are in time, with the best price possible

Our Local Distribution

For our local businesses, we act as a stockist and supplier. With our warehouse facilities, we cater to our local clientele by providing quality products that are readily available to them.

We maintain a quality control by doing inspection for our tobacco products followed by a safe and on-time delivery.

Our Global Distribution

For our global businesses, we act as an exporter for our own Indonesian tobaccos that we export from Surabaya and also as a trader from the vast network that we have all over the world.

We handle enquiries from our customers that will go through our sourcing process. We offer a wide range of products via our partnership with the local tobacco companies worldwide.