Business Operation

Business Operation

We connect worldwide cigarette factories to high-quality tobaccos produced in the nation of Indonesia. Sourcing directly from farmers, we oversee the entire storage, sorting, pressing and packing process from beginning to end, ensuring a product that is truly second-to-none.

Our detailed involvement in this entire process enables us to connect businesses with a consistent supply of high quality tobacco that can be customized to meet their exact needs. We are confident that we can deliver what you are looking for, in terms of grade, color line, nicotine and sugar range that you need for your own distinct product selection:

Lombok Flue-Cured Virginia

Lombok has been the major supply of Indonesian flue-cured to the world throughout the years. Tobaccos from this region are sought after for their unique aroma and smoke. Every year around 30 million kilos of Lombok tobacco are produced.

Besuki Na Oogst – Wrapper, Binder and Filler

Tobacco leaves from Besuki are commonly used in cigars, grown in the eastern part of Java, Besuki Na Oogst is a dark-air cured variety. Besuki Na Oogst are mostly exported to cigar factories worldwide and are considered world-class quality in the world of cigars.

Sun-Cured Tobacco – Voor Oogst

Sun-cured is a tobacco type which is cured and dried under direct sun light. Sun cured tobacco ranges from light brown to dark brown. Our sun-cured tobacco comes from East Java (Jatim VO), Madura and also Jember which is normally called Besuki VO.

China is currently the number one producer of tobacco in the world, producing nearly 3 million tons of tobacco each year.

We strategically connect the global cigarette manufacturing sector with a consistent and affordable supply of high-quality China tobacco. In addition to this, we provide our clientele with access to a variety of national and internationally sourced tobaccos including, but not limited to:

Flue-Cured Virginia

Sourced locally in Indonesia, as well as from Brazil, Zimbabwe, the USA, China and India – Flue-cured Virginia leaf tobacco is the most common type of tobacco used in both cigarettes and pipes. This tobacco boasts a mild burn and a semi-sweet flavor and aroma. Virginia tobacco leaves are a light yellow in color and have higher sugar levels than other types of cured tobaccos.


Primarily produced in Malawi and Brazil, we source our Burley from India, Bangladesh, the USA and China as well. Burley leaf tobacco is air-cured and features a low sugar level and chocolate, bitter and nutty flavor profiles. Burley tobacco is commonly used in both pipes and cigarettes, serving as a popular base for a variety of tobacco blends.


Sourced from Turkey and Greece, oriental leaf tobacco originated and rose to fame during the Ottoman Empire. This type of tobacco is highly aromatic, sun cured and has a mild flavor. Oriental tobacco is highly favored and places an important role in the blends featured by many well-known cigarette brands.

Working directly with farmers cultivating multiple varieties of high-quality tobacco, we connect our clientele to a variety of tobacco leaves suitable for the customized blending methods for their signature brands. From flue cured to Oriental, SATA Tembakau Indonesia has the flexibility and capacity to meet your unique flavor profile and blend composition needs.